Eric Parson dedicates his life to integrating the divergent passions of the music community with his deep love of the practice of artistic integrity. He has invested his passion for music into all of his various pursuits, most specifically his participation in theatrical, academic, and popular projects.

This is what my friend Heidi wrote when she helped me drum up a stock artist bio. I generally don't find artist/musician bios enjoyable to read, nor do I tend to learn a lot about the subject by reading them. So let's do it in the first-person and in list form.


Basic Information:

Bachelor of Arts in Music from UC Santa Cruz. Currently based in Santa Cruz.

I compose, arrange, direct, sing, and perform music for theater productions, with my soul band, and for my solo work.

I teach music theory, piano, guitar, and viola/violin as a private instructor.

I engineer audio for FM broadcast, studio, and live applications.



Music is humankind's greatest and most beautiful creation. As I write this, I see no need for further explanation.  


Self-indulgent Informal biography:

I was born and raised in central New Jersey and was fortunate enough to attend a public school with a very strong music program.  In the 4th grade, I began playing the viola in the school symphonic orchestra and also took private lessons. I continued viola in school symphonies and private instruction into college at UC Santa Cruz. 

Around the age of 11, I was in full-on 90s-grunge-skater mode and taught myself how to play the guitar. I'd play viola from the page in orchestra and guitar by ear. Sometimes I'd cross the two - I vividly remember learning a big chunk of one of the solo parts from Bach's Double Violin Concerto on electric guitar. Super shitty distorted electric guitar. I had the score on the music stand, the CBS Stern/Perlman CD in the boombox and went to town. I thought I was so badass. I auditioned for the guitar program at UCSC because I wasn't cutting it on viola and was accepted as a classical guitar major.

Prior to that audition, I had been taking music theory courses and realized that not only did the material come naturally to me, it was also a source of infinite curiosity. The relief of having found a major that I loved and also was good at was quite powerful to me because I struggled to find interest or motivation in any other subjects. I was immersed in counterpoint, harmony, orchestration, composition, performance, history, and ear training. I loved it. I continued through the program and earned my BA in Music in 2006.

Since then, I've kept myself busy with many projects including the creation of Skinny Ricky & The Casual Encounters, an 8-piece soul band, and composing & directing music for theater productions.